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The principles of cooperation with Tkalnie Zelow. The following steps can help you quickly and effectively prepere fabrics tailored to your needs.

Identify needs - share us your idea, introduce the assumptions and requirements that you have what the fabric. Our business is the production of fabrics. And what is your business? In the tab ‘FABRICS’, you can look on examples of different types of fabrics. Pay attention to the weight, width of the fabric and weave.

How many meters - if you are interested in the amount of less than 2000 meters of, we will try to choose a fabric from our warehouse. Please call or email and see if we have the fabric for you! To create a fabric by Your individual needs, the minimum quantity is 5000 linear meters.

What can we do for You? We provide services, which are divided into three categories:

Production of finished fabrics - simply outsource the production of the fabric, and we'll do the rest. We will use your own yarn and fabric we finish it with the best, in our opinion,  finishing company. You will get ready, finished fabric.

Production of raw fabric - we can make a raw fabric, and You finish it on Your own conditions.

Weaving service - You can provide us with Your yarn, and we will do for you the fabric that You order.

When we determine the specification of the fabric and its amount, we will present You the pricing of our services. We will also be able to estimate the time of the contract. Determine the terms of payment.

Send the order of the fabric - with company data (name, address and so on)

Now, our staff will produce the fabric.

Determine the manner and timing of receipt of the fabric.

Let's stay in touch! We are committed to long-term cooperation, which is why we care about keeping in touch with Clients who chose Tkalnie Zelow. Together We can do MORE!

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