We have prepared answers to frequently asked questions.

How to get a sample of the material?

Please review the offer fabrics on our website, tell us what You are looking for or email us (what features do you expect from a fabric that is its purpose), specify the number of meters of fabric, which you are interested in. We will select a sample that will work best.

Send us Your address and we will send You the fabric selected by the post.

What kind of yarn we use in Tkalnie Zelów?

For the production of fabrics, use the yarn from tex15 to tex100.
Our loom reamke cotton, elano-cotton, linen and polyester yarn.
With such a range, we can create a variety of fabric weights and purpose, from gases to heavy upholstery fabric.

Raw fabric or finished?

In Tkalnie we create a raw fabrics.
Finishing such as: bleaching, dyeing or printing are provided by specialized finishing companies. Thanks to many years of cooperation with those companies, we will help You to choose the right finishing line corresponding to your need.

The service or done fabric?

If you provide us with your own yarn, we can make for you service of weaving. Use our equipment, skilled service, while controlling all the cost of Your fabric.

Where to meet representatives of Tklanie Zelow?

Welcome to ourselves, we will present the offer and on-site show the production process of our fabrics. Check the contact tab.

Payment conditions.

For the execution of new customers, we require prepayment for performed fabric.
When we know each other better, we will offer You convenient payment terms.

Pick fabrics

Determining how to collect the fabric. In Tkalnie Zelow, we are looking for the best solutions delivery of Your fabrics. Variants to choose from:

1. Delivery by our transport - If you are in a radius of 50 km from the Weaving Mill Zelów. We'll take your fabric in Lodz, Pabianice, Lask and surrounding areas.

2. Delivery by courier - UPS

3. Reception directly from the finishing line - you can pick up your fabric after finishing process. Ask us about finishing shop in your area.

4. Pick your own client - come and pick up your fabric.

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